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Tile and grout cleaning

before after tile and grout cleaning Warren NJ

A total transformation of this tile floor after we performed our tile and grout cleaning process in Warren NJ.  The floor is about seven years old and was never sealed.  The after picture shows grout that is impossibly dirty and stained.  The homeowner called Clean Zone Tile after spending a few hours on hands and knees to try and clean.  While the results were not perfect but just okay owner realized this job would take days to complete and still not be perfect.

The other issue is this tile has a texture to it giving this ceramic tile a natural stone look.  While this is an attractive looking tile the grooves collect dirt over tile and can be a real hassle to clean with out proper equipment.

We used our 6 step tile and grout cleaning restoration process and was able to make this tired looking tile and grout look like the day it was installed.  Our customer was thrilled and the reaction to the completed work just made our day.

In less then 4 hours this tile and grout floor was restored to new and permanently sealed to prevent it from getting to such a awful state again.  When we were done the tile floor was completely dry and ready for use. No down time except when we were actually working on it.

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