Shower tile and grout repair Warren NJ 07059

Shower grout repair Warren NJ

Shower grout repair Warren NJ

Here is another example of a shower in desperate need of professional service.  The grout in the tub shower has mold and cracked grout allowing water to collect and seep behind the tiles. Luckily we were called before the water had a chance to travel so far as to create damage to the shower backing and travel into other areas of the home. Left alone this problem will only get worse resulting in major damage and costly repair.  Image water dripping into your family room from your ceiling.  This is an issue we come across many times each month.

We removed the damaged and mold grout and dried with our high speed drying fans. The next step was installing new grout and most importantly proper mold resistant caulking to the grout joints.

Pro Tip:  If you have cracked grout and moldy grout in shower this is sign of a problem that has potential to get worse and cause damage.  Besides it just looks awful.


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