Stop shower leak from cracked grout Morris Plains NJ

Small crack leads to big problems.

Small crack leads to big problems.

Here is an example of a recent project we completed last week in Morris Plains, NJ.  The homeowner noticed a wet spot on a ceiling in the dining room which is directly below the master bath.  Logically they called a plumber who quickly realized the issue was not a plumbing problem but a grout issue.

How does this happen? Well when the shower was tiled and grouted the installer used grout instead of caulking in the joints where the walls meet the tub and the walls come to a corner. Be it laziness, uneducated, or just unprofessional has now caused a lot of damage.  You see, when tiles comes to a joint the two walls that meet at the tub base or floor, caulking is recommended as these are areas that will experience just the slightest bit of movement. Being that grout is hard and there is no room for this and eventually will fail resulting in water getting behind the walls and even traveling down to a floor below. Not to mention the possibility of mold growth that you can not see.

How we correct the problem:  We start by removing all the grout out of the areas that should have been caulked in the first place.  After inspecting the area behind the walls and confirming they are dry we proceed to install proper mold resistant caulking that color matches the grout on the walls. After a 24 hour curing period the shower is now ready for use and will stay water tight for years to come.

Should you do this yourself?

You can, as stopping water from damaging your home is the priority here.  It may not look very nice or hold  up long but better then nothing.   For a professional job you should call a professional.

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By Cary Cassidy