How to maintain and clean your tile and grout.

Tile cleaning tips

Proper way to clean tile and grout floors

Below are tips that we hand out to our clients after we clean and seal their tile and grout and wanted to share with anyone that may find our site. Following these steps below will insure your tile and grout we stay as clean as can be.

1.  Vacuum or sweep dust and debris before mopping

This seems obvious but an often overlooked step.  Applying water to dirt is going to create mud and making washing your floor a nightmare.

2. Use a neutral cleaner.  (Any cleaning product having a pH or 7, and is therefore neither acid nor alkaline.).

The reason is that other cleaners will leave a small amount of soap residue.  Over time this residue builds up and dirt will stick to it.

3. After applying neutral cleaner rinse with clear water.

Changing and rinsing the mop water is important especially with larger areas. The water starts to get dirty and now you are pushing dirty water around.

Neutral cleaners can be found in most home improvement and tile stores and are cost effective.

Avoid strong alkaline, butyl or acid based cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and      vinegar as these can degrade and damage grout over time. They also don’t smell to good.

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By Cary Cassidy