Grout cleaning and repair Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Before after tile and grout cleaning Woodbridge NJ 07095

Before after tile and grout cleaning Woodbridge NJ 07095

The above is a example of a recent tile and grout cleaning project we completed in Woodbridge, NJ.  This tile has some texture to the surface and has built up soil over the years and the grout as you can see was very dirty and stained. Customer stated that no sealer was applied to the grout by installer.    So over 6-7 years this nice looking tile and grout has become unsightly and a difficult to get clean.

Finally tired of trying and failing to get this floor clean the homeowner reached out to us.


We performed our 6 step tile and grout cleaning system and was able to restore this ceramic kitchen tile and grout to like new condition.  After cleaning the tile and grout we colored sealed the grout with a permanent grout color sealer. This sealer will repel dirt and grease and make cleaning a breeze. We also advised on proper cleaning techniques and the importance of using the right cleaning solution for the floor.

Clean Zone Tile is an owner/operated business and the owner is on every job. We are not a franchise.

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