Tile and Grout Cleaning Montville, NJ 07045

Tile and grout cleaning Montville NJ 07045

Tile and grout cleaning Montville NJ 07045

Simply amazing results today cleaning kitchen tile and grout for a client in Montville, NJ 07045. Wow is the praise I heard upon completion and that truly makes my day.

This particular project was typical of the issues many homeowners find trying to care for and keep clean their kitchen tile and grout. The floor is 8 years old and over time has started to show its age.  Dark and dirty grout that becomes impossible to get clean no matter what.  This floor had the added issue of having tiny pits and grooves on the tile surface that is meant to give the ceramic tile the look of natural stone.  The problem arises when those pits and grooves start to darken and trap dirt in that becomes extremely difficult to clean.

We employed our 6 steps tile and grout cleaning process and were able to accomplish spectacular results. The tile sparkles and the grout looks like it was installed just today and it is now permanently sealed against stains and making daily tile cleaning a breeze. Montville NJ is just one of may towns we service and happens to be just one town over from our location.  You can check our service area page to see if we come to your town. For more information on our service please call 862-207-9550 or use the Quote Request button on the right.



Grout Color Sealing Rockaway, NJ 07866

Grout Color Sealing Rockaway NJ

Grout cleaning and color sealing Rockaway, NJ 07866

I will discuss a recent grout color sealing project in Rockaway, NJ. As with the example of my client sometime grout can be stained beyond what even a professional cleaning can remove. In this case we use a process called grout color sealing. This is a process were we apply a grout sealer that has a pigmented dye. What this means that after thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout we hand brush the sealer into the grout making it permanently sealed.  This extra step will make those remaining stained areas virtually disappear.

How is grout color sealing different from conventional grout sealers?

While both conventional grout sealers and color sealers will protect against staining and make cleaning of your tile floors easier, color sealers have the added benefit of being a permanent grout sealer where the top of the line grout sealers last 3-5 years.

The added benefit of color sealing is what the name implies. Color.  With color sealing we can guarantee that the grout will look like brand new. Not happy with the original grout color? With our grout color sealing process we can even change color of the grout to any color you like. Without all the costly and messing undertaking of re-grout.

For more information on our color sealing services please visit our Grout Preservation System page.

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Slate Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing NJ

We have the experience and know how to restore the beauty of your slate tile floor. Maybe it has been waxed over the years and looks yellowish and embedded soil.  No matter how many times you clean and mop it the dirt still stays there.

An example of this is a recent slate tile and grout cleaning project we recently completed we completed in Riverdale, NJ.

Slate Tile Cleaning

Slate tile and grout cleaning NJ

The slate was over 20 years old and had layers of old wax that was hiding what was once a beautiful floor.  After an inspection we proceed to carefully clean the tile and  remove all those layers and get to the matte finish.  We then applied an impregnating stone sealer to the entire floor making the slate protected from staining and making routine washing much more successful. Here is and article I wrote on how sealers work. We also offer a slate color enhancer.  This process will seal the slate tile and grout but it slightly bring out the colors in the stone and give it a deeper almost wet look without adding coatings of wax or polyurethane..

If you reside in the Riverdale NJ or surrounding area and would like more information on our tile and grout cleaning services click here to Request a Free Quote.

Cracked and Broken Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic tile replacement in kitchen. The above picture is a tile replacement project we did today in Kinnelon, NJ.

The area is in a kitchen that the client dropped a heavy pan and resulted in a crack in the tile.  The area was right in the middle of the room and was unsightly in an otherwise gorgeous tile floor.  (We recently did a tile and grout cleaning and sealing in this home last month). Within a two hours we were able to remove the broken tile and the grout and replace with a new tile that the client saved from when the tile was installed.

Cracks and fractures are common in some homes and the causes range from the above example of an accident or more troublesome issue with the sub-floor having movement.

We are experienced and in all aspects of tile and grout repair and are able to rectify in most cases.

If you reside in New Jersey NJ and would like more information on our tile and grout services please call tel:862-207-9550 or use our Contact Form.

Limestone Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Montville, NJ 07045

Limestone tile cleaning Morristown, NJ

Limestone tile cleaning Morristown, NJ

Limestone tile floor cleaning project completed recently in Montville, NJ. What to do when your beautiful limestone tile floor is no longer looking new after your clean it and  the grout is dirty,stained and discolored You tried everything and still the effort is not paying off. First off don’t blame yourself.

Being a porous stone, over time limestone tile will buildup soil.  If you looked in a closet or pantry and notice a big difference  in the appearance of your limestone tile then you know what I am talking about. At this stage your best efforts just wont do.

But my floor was sealed when it was installed.

Even if your limestone was sealed when installed the protection will wear over time. The best sealers (we tested most all of them) will last 4-5 years.  This is assuming the best was used. Harsh acidic cleaning will degrade the sealer over time.

Clean Zone Tile was contacted to help and after initial inspection we scheduled and performed this work.  The tile and grout was restored to it original condition and a new impregnating sealer was applied. We instructed the client on the proper care and How To Maintain and Clean Your Tile and Grout. Another happy client and successful tile and grout cleaning project.

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Tile and grout cleaning in Wycoff, NJ 07481

Tile and grout cleaning Wycoff, NJ

Tile and grout cleaning Wycoff, NJ

Here tile and grout cleaning in a bathroom we completed in Wycoff, NJ.  Bathrooms are especially difficult to clean and maintain.  After spending hours trying to get it looking new again the client called Clean Zone Tile to see if we could help. We performed a thorough cleaning using our 6 Step Tile and Grout Restoration System. The floor is now permanently sealed and will continue to repel soil and resist staining for years to come.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning, Sealing Kinnelon, NJ

click image to enlarge

Above is examples of a recent tile cleaning job we completed. The porcelain tile was installed over ten years ago and was starting to show it’s age. The tile had soil embedded in the grooves of the tile surface and the grout was beyond cleaning with household methods.

We employed our 6 step restoration process and the results are amazing. To ensure the grout will continue to look great for years to come we proceeded with our Grout Preservation System the grout making it soil and stain resistant . The sealer will last the life of the floor under normal conditions.

For more information about our services please visit out main site.

Give an old shower a rejuvenation


Not happy the condition of your shower?  Broken grout and discolored caulk. Maybe even a little mold?

Good news!  At Clean Zone Tile when can rejuvenate your shower for a very affordable price.

Below is an example of a recent project we performed on an old shower in Montville,NJ.

After thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout we removed the moldy caulk and replaced with a mold resistant caulk.  The final step is to seal the grout with a impregnating grout sealer. The sealer are rated to last 5 years ensuring that the shower will remain looking good for years to come.

For more information check out out main site wecleangrout.com