Limestone tile and grout cleaning and sealing Westfield NJ

limestone tile and grout cleaning

limestone tile and grout cleaning

This is a French Limestone tile floor we cleaned and sealed today in Westfield, NJ  The tile was dull with a lot of soil and cleaning chemical buildup.  The grout was stained and discolored through out.  We also repaired some grout that was broken and missing in spots

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Montville, NJ 07045

Tile and grout cleaning Montville NJ 07045

Tile and grout cleaning Montville NJ 07045

Simply amazing results today cleaning kitchen tile and grout for a client in Montville, NJ 07045. Wow is the praise I heard upon completion and that truly makes my day.

This particular project was typical of the issues many homeowners find trying to care for and keep clean their kitchen tile and grout. The floor is 8 years old and over time has started to show its age.  Dark and dirty grout that becomes impossible to get clean no matter what.  This floor had the added issue of having tiny pits and grooves on the tile surface that is meant to give the ceramic tile the look of natural stone.  The problem arises when those pits and grooves start to darken and trap dirt in that becomes extremely difficult to clean.

We employed our 6 steps tile and grout cleaning process and were able to accomplish spectacular results. The tile sparkles and the grout looks like it was installed just today and it is now permanently sealed against stains and making daily tile cleaning a breeze. Montville NJ is just one of may towns we service and happens to be just one town over from our location.  You can check our service area page to see if we come to your town. For more information on our service please call 862-207-9550 or use the Quote Request button on the right.



Slate Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing NJ

We have the experience and know how to restore the beauty of your slate tile floor. Maybe it has been waxed over the years and looks yellowish and embedded soil.  No matter how many times you clean and mop it the dirt still stays there.

An example of this is a recent slate tile and grout cleaning project we recently completed we completed in Riverdale, NJ.

Slate Tile Cleaning

Slate tile and grout cleaning NJ

The slate was over 20 years old and had layers of old wax that was hiding what was once a beautiful floor.  After an inspection we proceed to carefully clean the tile and  remove all those layers and get to the matte finish.  We then applied an impregnating stone sealer to the entire floor making the slate protected from staining and making routine washing much more successful. Here is and article I wrote on how sealers work. We also offer a slate color enhancer.  This process will seal the slate tile and grout but it slightly bring out the colors in the stone and give it a deeper almost wet look without adding coatings of wax or polyurethane..

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