Shower re-grout and tile cleaning Colts Neck NJ 07722

Shower grout repair and cleaning Colts Neck NJ

Shower grout repair and cleaning Colts Neck NJ

Above is an example of a shower re-grout and repair we performed in Colts Neck NJ last week. The corners were failing and cracking allowing water to get behind the tiles and cause some moisture on the ceiling below.

To correct this we first let the shower dry out for a few days and tested it was dry with a moisture meter before continuing. The next step was to remove the old grout and what was left of the moldy caulking.   In less then a day the shower had new grout and mold resistant caulking installed and we also sealed the grout to prevent staining and make cleaning easier.

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In addition to shower re-grouting we also specialize in all tile services including tile and grout cleaning, tile and grout repair, grout cleaning, grout color sealing, marble and all stone cleaning and sealing.

Clean Zone Tile is a locally owner/ operated business since 1995.  As the owner I am on every job and bring over 20 years experience.

Grout cleaning and repair Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Before after tile and grout cleaning Woodbridge NJ 07095

Before after tile and grout cleaning Woodbridge NJ 07095

The above is a example of a recent tile and grout cleaning project we completed in Woodbridge, NJ.  This tile has some texture to the surface and has built up soil over the years and the grout as you can see was very dirty and stained. Customer stated that no sealer was applied to the grout by installer.    So over 6-7 years this nice looking tile and grout has become unsightly and a difficult to get clean.

Finally tired of trying and failing to get this floor clean the homeowner reached out to us.


We performed our 6 step tile and grout cleaning system and was able to restore this ceramic kitchen tile and grout to like new condition.  After cleaning the tile and grout we colored sealed the grout with a permanent grout color sealer. This sealer will repel dirt and grease and make cleaning a breeze. We also advised on proper cleaning techniques and the importance of using the right cleaning solution for the floor.

Clean Zone Tile is an owner/operated business and the owner is on every job. We are not a franchise.

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Shower tile and grout repair Warren NJ 07059

Shower grout repair Warren NJ

Shower grout repair Warren NJ

Here is another example of a shower in desperate need of professional service.  The grout in the tub shower has mold and cracked grout allowing water to collect and seep behind the tiles. Luckily we were called before the water had a chance to travel so far as to create damage to the shower backing and travel into other areas of the home. Left alone this problem will only get worse resulting in major damage and costly repair.  Image water dripping into your family room from your ceiling.  This is an issue we come across many times each month.

We removed the damaged and mold grout and dried with our high speed drying fans. The next step was installing new grout and most importantly proper mold resistant caulking to the grout joints.

Pro Tip:  If you have cracked grout and moldy grout in shower this is sign of a problem that has potential to get worse and cause damage.  Besides it just looks awful.


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Tile and Grout Cleaning Grout Sealing Warren NJ 07059

Tile and grout cleaning

before after tile and grout cleaning Warren NJ

A total transformation of this tile floor after we performed our tile and grout cleaning process in Warren NJ.  The floor is about seven years old and was never sealed.  The after picture shows grout that is impossibly dirty and stained.  The homeowner called Clean Zone Tile after spending a few hours on hands and knees to try and clean.  While the results were not perfect but just okay owner realized this job would take days to complete and still not be perfect.

The other issue is this tile has a texture to it giving this ceramic tile a natural stone look.  While this is an attractive looking tile the grooves collect dirt over tile and can be a real hassle to clean with out proper equipment.

We used our 6 step tile and grout cleaning restoration process and was able to make this tired looking tile and grout look like the day it was installed.  Our customer was thrilled and the reaction to the completed work just made our day.

In less then 4 hours this tile and grout floor was restored to new and permanently sealed to prevent it from getting to such a awful state again.  When we were done the tile floor was completely dry and ready for use. No down time except when we were actually working on it.

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Grout repair and cleaning Montville NJ 07045

Grout repair & cleaning Montville NJ

Grout repair & cleaning Montville NJ

Today’s Project is repairing grout in a kitchen for a clinet in Montville, NJ.  Numorous areas had cracked and broken grout the most severe being the transition between the kitchen and the dining room and also the area by the sliding back door.

The entrance grout is failing most for the simple reason that grout was not the right application for this area.  Door ways and transitions tend to be weak spots in the sub floor and will move ever so slightly and over time will cause the grout to crack and come loose.

Once we remove the old grout we replace with a sanded caulk.  This will give the area some flexibility and will not break.  The sanded caulk is not like the caulk that may be in your shower.  This has a rough feel to it and looks identical to regular grout.  Problem solved.

Before we started the repair we had clean all the kitchen tile and grout suing our six step restoration method. After the tile and grout cleaning and grout repair, we then applied a perminate color grout sealer.  The floor looks brand new and we now can add another happy client from Montville, NJ.

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Shower Caulking and Grout Repair Rockaway, NJ 07866

Caulk repair Rockaway NJ

Shower caulk and grout repair Rockaway NJ 07866

That caulk in you shower that was white and pristine is now yellow and black with sections missing?  Maybe you shower has never been caulked and just grouted which if you have this situation then you can count on broken grout. That is exactly what we found while doing caulk repair for our client in Rockaway, NJ 07866.

Old caulking posses more problems then just not looking very nice. The black you see could very well be mold and any gaps means that water has a chance to travel behind your walls and even do serious damage to ceiling on lower floors if left unchecked.

The above picture shows how a professional caulking repair can make a huge difference in your shower and protect against more costly repairs from water damage.

For more information on our caulking and grout repair check out our caulking and repair service page.

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Cracked and Broken Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic Tile Repair Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Ceramic tile replacement in kitchen. The above picture is a tile replacement project we did today in Kinnelon, NJ.

The area is in a kitchen that the client dropped a heavy pan and resulted in a crack in the tile.  The area was right in the middle of the room and was unsightly in an otherwise gorgeous tile floor.  (We recently did a tile and grout cleaning and sealing in this home last month). Within a two hours we were able to remove the broken tile and the grout and replace with a new tile that the client saved from when the tile was installed.

Cracks and fractures are common in some homes and the causes range from the above example of an accident or more troublesome issue with the sub-floor having movement.

We are experienced and in all aspects of tile and grout repair and are able to rectify in most cases.

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Stop shower leak from cracked grout Morris Plains NJ

Small crack leads to big problems.

Small crack leads to big problems.

Here is an example of a recent project we completed last week in Morris Plains, NJ.  The homeowner noticed a wet spot on a ceiling in the dining room which is directly below the master bath.  Logically they called a plumber who quickly realized the issue was not a plumbing problem but a grout issue.

How does this happen? Well when the shower was tiled and grouted the installer used grout instead of caulking in the joints where the walls meet the tub and the walls come to a corner. Be it laziness, uneducated, or just unprofessional has now caused a lot of damage.  You see, when tiles comes to a joint the two walls that meet at the tub base or floor, caulking is recommended as these are areas that will experience just the slightest bit of movement. Being that grout is hard and there is no room for this and eventually will fail resulting in water getting behind the walls and even traveling down to a floor below. Not to mention the possibility of mold growth that you can not see.

How we correct the problem:  We start by removing all the grout out of the areas that should have been caulked in the first place.  After inspecting the area behind the walls and confirming they are dry we proceed to install proper mold resistant caulking that color matches the grout on the walls. After a 24 hour curing period the shower is now ready for use and will stay water tight for years to come.

Should you do this yourself?

You can, as stopping water from damaging your home is the priority here.  It may not look very nice or hold  up long but better then nothing.   For a professional job you should call a professional.

If you have any questions or reside in New Jersey (NJ) and are interested in our service please call anytime 862-207-9550 or use our Contact Form page.

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By Cary Cassidy